The feds already prepared markets before for today's decision, where they shifted their concern from the fears on economic growth and detouring recession, and started to mention inflation as he biggest concern in the economy, the thing that made some believe that the fed might be heading towards a quick reversal in their policy and they will start hiking rates all over again, but wait.... The feds can never be that bold and reckless and the same time and just forget all the agony they went through trying to save the economy, and they are not going to rack it by rushing into anything yet, we still have no damming confirmations that the crisis is over, that growth is going to pick up again, and most importantly if the housing sector will stop the everlasting decline.

The committee member in my point of view still have a long way a head of them where they have to preserve rates at the current levels, yes they were able to act in a proper way dealing with that crisis, although it was a little bit late, but even with the fiscal stimulus they presented, we can say that the feds handled the crisis successfully, but again; there are still no clear evidence that they did, or at least there are some evidences that the solutions started to work out, but there no reason for us to believe that it will continue working the same way, and that's why the fed can not take the risk, not today, and maybe not even till the end of the year.

Food and energy prices has driven inflation level crazy all around the globe, and sure the U.S. economy could not just escape that, and that what put extra pressures on policy makers to think about their low rates again, other wise the feds will not be even considering this option at the current time, and who knows, maybe they are not, but sure it is something to think about, but what I am trying to say here is; if the inflation was merely a result of skyrocketing food and energy prices, what will happen if those tow declined by the end of the year??!!

That is dear reader another reason to believe that the feds will take their time, they are going to wait until those risk confirms and those targets achieve, if the whole story was real a movement shall be made, if not, why wouldn't they maintain their current stand and stimulate economic growth to the full power before thinking of taming it again.

The accompanying statement for the feds will be the judge on markets, as investors expects more focus on inflation rather than growth levels, and that will be the market mover, so hold on, wait and hear what the fed might say about it, and how is it going to affect markets.