CounterPath Corporation, a leading provider of desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions, announced that it has been assigned United States patent number 7,502,615 for its technology that enables handoffs between cellular and IP telephony. The newly patented technology allows users to roam between mobile and IP networks seamlessly.

“The significance of this patent is far reaching,” commented Donovan Jones, President and CEO of CounterPath. “Architecturally we made some technical choices that make handover faster. Also, because we leveraged standards-based protocols like SIP, our technology works with virtually any network architecture and technology without requiring proprietary access points or clients. This approach works in both pre-IMS and IMS networks.”

Mobile operators who implement the company’s Network Convergence Gateway (NCG) into their offerings will be able to utilize the Internet to extend their network reach, giving end users connectivity from any Internet-connected location. Because enterprise customers can utilize the NCG regardless of whether they are connected via IP or GSM/CDMA networks, their workforce can use Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones virtually anywhere in the world without having to pay costly roaming fees.