Five countries - Jordan, France, Hungary, Colombia and Denmark - go head to head on Oscar night for the Best Foreign Language Film award. Rollo Ross reports.

Video Transcript:

The winners of the biggest annual competition in the cinematic calendar are about to be revealed when the Academy Awards take place on Sunday.

However, there's one category which every year sees countries around the world compete with each other.

Nearly every non-English speaking country from around the world puts forward their chosen film, then only five make it to the shortlist.

Hungary's entry 'Son of Saul' is one of the favorites. As part of its narrative, it shows the process the Jewish prisoners were made to endure in Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War.

Another favorite is 'Mustang' which may be France's entry but was shot in Turkey and the dialogue is Turkish. It follows five orphaned sisters who struggle with traditions and their relatives in their new home.

Denmark's entry 'A War' sees a commanding officer in Afghanistan making decisions which have severe consequences.

Jordan's nominated film is 'Theeb' about a young boy helping a British army officer get to his secret location, while Colombia's black and white film 'Embrace of the Serpent' is an account of the destruction of an Amazonian tribe seen through the eyes of a shaman.

The winning country will be celebrating when The Academy Awards are held on February 28th.