• The Grain Report - BITS AND PIECES

    Monday began with talk of demand and a demand report, our weekly export inspections. Of course all the talk of Middle Eastern countries coming in to buy wheat and other grains, which started two weeks ago gave us our higher trade Monday. The trade thinking reflects back on history. Here in the US when the Depression hit and unemployment soared our government flooded the market with food as a pacifier for the populace. When Rome faced collapse due to overpopulation and food shortages they broke o...
  • Pre-Opening Soy Complex Market Report for 1/14/2011

    March soybeans were down 6 cents late in the overnight session. Palm oil futures in Malaysia were down 0.4% overnight and China soybean futures were unchanged. There were 154 meal deliveries overnight and 1,690 for oil. There were also 170 January soybean deliveries, bringing the two-day total to 390. News that China has tightened reserve requirements at banks for the 4th time in the past two months was seen as a potential negative force for commodity markets.