• North Korea's Threat To Bomb U.S. Soil Inspires Twitter Memes [PHOTOS]

    Twitter began to make fun of North Korea after the country threatened to bomb U.S. soil.
  • SpotEuro Forex Daily Outlook July 26, 2010

    With a lack of important announcements out of the EuroZone and the U.K., we'll be looking at US economic data releases for further clues into current market sentiment. We've mostly been consolidating within a large range and a breakout may be imminent. If that occurs, we are going to look for failure and as we mentioned last week, risk aversion to lead the way for a stronger dollar.
  • Baubles Sell, Bubbles Swell

    China pulls the plug on euro-shorters. Labor Dept. pulls the plug on job market euphoria as it finds a still-weak reality. BP tries to plug the endless oil spill. Lawyerdom is salivating at the eventual litigation orgy, BP plugs or not. Tim Geithner plugs the need for fees/financial transaction taxes on his European tour. Plugging the US economic leak turns out to be tougher than first thought. GDP expands at 3% - less than economists hoped for. And -what's this? The WSJ plugging gold? Not quite...
  • Euro rebounds strongly on short-covering due to recovery in U.S. stocks - May 25

    The euro rebounded strongly on short-covering in NY session as U.S. stocks trimmed most of their losses. Earlier, the takeover of a Spanish savings bank by Spain's central bank over the weekend together with escalating tension between North and South Korea sparked massive risk aversion activities, p...
  • The Nemenoff Report - Bonds Higher, S&P's Lower, Silver Lower

    Jun. Bonds are currently 1'15 higher at 125'28. What can I say, more debt crisis news from Spain, et.al., saber rattling in N. Korea, declining consumer confidence and a strong Dollar has led to a renewed round of flight to safety in U.S. Treasuries. The long 10 Yr. Note/ short Bond spread is once again at about a $900.00 loss. I'm taking the loss and standing aside. Starting Monday the Sept. contract will be considered lead month.
  • Great(er) Expectations and The Unexpected

    Well, no Korean peninsula war materialized, contrary to expectations. Still, many are dead or missing. Greece was handed a hybrid Band-Aid, contrary to last week's expectations. Still, it has its work cut out for it (and its denizens). Ireland sinking (financially speaking, at least) once again, contrary to expectations. Still, a bank rescue may materialize (once again). The Pope is not 'intimidated' by the sex/child abuse scandal engulfing the Church. What did you expect? Some expected his resi...
  • The Week Ahead

    EU efforts to reach an accord on Greece captivated the market's attention for most of the week (more below), but the real mover was a sharp rise in US rates and a further steepening of the yield curve. Those moves sent the US 10-year credit swap spread into negative territory for the first time ever and triggered a position-driven sell-off in US Treasuries, sending yields higher. Treasury dumping increased after the pricey US Treasury auctions in subsequent days (see below), and 10-year US Treas...
  • Good News Bears

    The trading week in bullion drew towards a rather lackluster finish, as gold rose only slightly on the back of not-so-mild declines in the dollar and crude oil values.
  • Asian Session: Macro Themes Driving FX

    The USD was firmer in the Asian session, as broader macro events have dampened risk appetite.
  • Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Gold prices continued to tread water near the $950 line overnight, as the US dollar sustained minor dings and as crude oil eked out a few more cents' worth of gains.
  • US Treasury Auction Pass Without Incident

    Risky assets are once again in fashion' as yesterday's US treasury auction went off without a hitch and the US Conference Board consumer confidence jumped unexpectedly to 54.9 vs. 39.2 previously.
  • North Korea's Weapons Test Fail to Provide Markets with a Direction

    With no major economic data today, worries and debate over the US ’s credit outlook and optimism surrounding the Eurozone's economic data will provide traders with a choppy, directionless trading day.
  • We've Met The Enemy and He Is (Among) Us - Commodity Commentary

    Gold and other precious metals were hit hard on Monday, as the after-effects of last week's G-20 meeting and IMF gold mobilization chatter started to take their effects on more than just the swiftest speculative trigger-fingers out there. Mass position liquidations followed
  • The Fallout of the Doleout - Commodities Commentary

    Gold bullion suffered a second weekly setback with Friday's 1.5% decline in prices. The metal has experienced London afternoon fixes under the $900 level only four times since January 30th.