• Anonymous Hacks North Korea Again

    For the second time this month, Anonymous launched a successful cyberattack against several North Korean websites.
  • North Korea Threatens War With South Korea Over UN Sanctions

    North Korea issued another warning Friday, this time to South Korea against participating in the U.N. sanctions. This follows warnings to the U.S. that it will go ahead with high level nuclear and missile tests after the U.N. expanded the sanctions over a rocket launch last month.
  • Baubles Sell, Bubbles Swell

    China pulls the plug on euro-shorters. Labor Dept. pulls the plug on job market euphoria as it finds a still-weak reality. BP tries to plug the endless oil spill. Lawyerdom is salivating at the eventual litigation orgy, BP plugs or not. Tim Geithner plugs the need for fees/financial transaction taxes on his European tour. Plugging the US economic leak turns out to be tougher than first thought. GDP expands at 3% - less than economists hoped for. And -what's this? The WSJ plugging gold? Not quite...
  • Men (Not) At Work

    If it is Thursday, it must be jobs (numbers) day, and the day to reverse Wednesday's gains in gold prices.
  • United Red of America - Commodity Commentary

    Gold prices made some additional advances overnight, while waiting for a better sense of direction and some results from the London G-20 summit.