• 1934Drought_DustBowl

    1934 Drought Was The Worst In 1,000 Years

    The 1934 drought was one of four similar events -- collectively called the Dust Bowl -- that occurred in sequence over a period of 10 years.
  • Current cold temps keeping Nat Gas prices in positive territory

    The weather continues to dominate the short term direction of Nat Gas prices. Market participants are trying to balance the very cold current weather in many parts of the US compared to an ever changing short term forecast period. The current cold conditions are expected to last at least through the end of this week (especially in the high demand northeast area of the US). Obviously this is a bullish scenario for the very short term. However, the latest six to ten day and eight to fourteen day forecasts (issued yesterday afternoon) are decidedly less bullish than those issued toward the end of last week. In fact the current NOAA forecasts are biased to the bearish side.
  • Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Arrives In North America

    An era of untreatable gonorrhea may be approaching, public health officials warn.
  • December 2010 blizzard

    Hurricane Irene New York: 5 Freak Disasters in 2010 and 2011

    It has been quite a year for New York, as the city has been hit with tornadoes, a blizzard, a heat wave, an earthquake and now a hurricane.
  • Toyota shares lag on U.S. output cuts

    Toyota Motor Corp shares lagged a strong rise in other Japanese auto stocks on Wednesday after the world's biggest automaker said it would shut down production at two of its U.S. factories to match slowing sales.
  • CORRECTED: Toyota shares lag on U.S. output cuts

  • Toyota details safety fix, damage claims mount

    Toyota Motor Corp on Monday began shipping parts to fix faulty accelerators in nearly 4.5 million vehicles in North America and Europe, and said it would restart North American production on February 8 after an unprecedented shutdown prompted by the problem.
  • Toyota to end production halt February 8

    Toyota Motor Corp said on Monday it will resume North American production of eight vehicle models involved in a massive safety recall on February 8, after a one-week shutdown.