width=307Rock star and the widow of late Kurt Cobain Courtney Love might be leasing a townhome on 250 West 10th Street, last seen on the market with an asking price of $28,000 per month.

The fully furnished house had been for sale on and off since May of 2009 with an asking price as high as $8,800,000, according to the Real Estalker.

In the Greek Revival style of the 1800′s, the 25-foot-wide 4-story home has 3 bedrooms and 5 baths, welcoming room, 6 fireplaces and a modern kitchen. Some of the unique characteristics of the house is its ornate moldings, colorfully painted walls, exposed brick walls and heavy moldings. There is also a small garden.

According to the property records, the house was sold by a couple of gentlemen for $7,640,000 in early October 2010, one of them the acclaimed designer Steven Gambrel, whose works on his own abode at the time was featured in January 2009 issue of Elle Décor.

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