Courtney Love was the author of the letter containing mock wedding vows found in her husband Kurt Cobain’s wallet on the day he killed himself in 1994, not Cobain. She emailed prominent Cobain biographer Charles Ross at the Seattle Times on Friday with the claim, who confirmed it.

The full note reads:

“Do you, Kurt Cobain, take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawful shredded wife even when she’s a b**** with zits and siphoning all your money for doping and whoring, will you promise to (have sex) with her at least once a week. OK.”

Some attributed the letter to Kurt himself and cited it as evidence that Cobain was feuding with Love at the time of his death, an essential part of a popular conspiracy theory that claims Cobain was murdered. Ross refutes that and says the two normally traded notes like the one Love wrote about on Friday, which was "laced with sarcasm and course references to sexuality and drug use."

Love said she wrote it to Cobain on New Year’s Eve in 1991, when Nirvana were in San Francisco to play a show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam (what a lineup!), which is why it’s written on stationary from the Phoenix Hotel, a popular lodging spot for rock n’ roll acts playing in the Bay Area.

Love’s claim is also supported by her sister, Nicole Jon Carroll, and a former employee of Cobain’s estate who has thoroughly examined both Cobain's and Love's personal diaries for content and style. 

The note didn’t become public until last week, when CBS published a report about it, which was widely aggregated. CBS claimed the handwriting was similar to the one used to write Cobain’s suicide note. Some conspiracy theorists claim the letter is proof that Love had something to do with Cobain's death, arguing that she penned the suicide note herself. 

Those sentiments resurfaced when the Seattle Police Department released photos from the scene of Cobain’s suicide and announced they were reexamining old evidence. However, after reviewing the photos, which had been previously undeveloped, the Seattle police decided not to reopen the case under suspicion of foul play, and they reconfirmed their finding that Cobain's death was a suicide after looking at the newly developed evidence.