Courtney Stodden, a reality star on VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” addressed some of the negative comments about her frequently provocative outfits in the show’s most recent episode.

Stodden, who famously wed her 52-year-old husband, Doug Hutchinson, when she was only 16, is an avowed fan of flaunting her barely there outfits to the world. But her “Couples Therapy” cast mates have not taken kindly to her attention-grabbing outfits.

It seemed to take Stodden only minutes of filming to get into a fight with a cast mate. On the first episode of the show, Stodden was accused of being “trash” by fellow co-star Shayne Lamas. Stodden provoked Lamas when she first entered the communal house, in platform heels and a yellow, two-piece leather outfit that revealed her stomach, by asking “are you okay, Shayne? You look uncomfortable.”

Lamas responded by saying that she was fine, but Stodden pushed, “you look really uncomfortable, which is kinda sad.”

“Oh really?” responded Lamas. “I’m only uncomfortable when I see somebody … trying to put on a show. That makes me uncomfortable.”

“I’m not putting on a show,” replied Stodden. But her cast mates have been unconvinced, with Lamas’ husband also accusing Stodden of putting on a show and trying to hit on him.

Courtney has also faced mockery from TV hosts like “The Soup’s” Joel McHale, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who placed Stodden on his “Ridiculist” segment. But Stodden is apparently standing up to her haters now, claiming that her provocative outfits are an outlet for her to express her creativity.

“I’m creative, and I’m not gonna be put in a bubble to get others to like me,” said Stodden, to a counselor on “Couples Therapy,” who had asked the couple to tell her more about the power dynamic in their relationship.

But her most shocking claim came seconds later. "With certain things, that’s just the way that I dress. I have a passion. I am an advocate for having the right to be who you want to be, and there are people out there who don’t have a voice to dress the way they want to dress, look the way they want to look -- due to the backlash and the actions of other people,” said Stodden, adding, “I have saved many lives."

Stodden repeated her claim later, saying “I do it for people who are different, and I’m their voice … I have saved many lives.”

But fellow “Couples Therapy” participants have claimed that they don’t feel Stodden’s answers are always authentic or completely honest. "Showing your deepest, darkest times in life with Courtney Stodden sitting there twiddling her f---ing thumbs, it was a definitely a challenging time ..." Lamas said in a previous episode."There were certain people giving it all and there were certain people that were answering show questions. That really got to me."