Cristela” is a new multicamera sitcom from ABC about a Mexican-American woman trying to become a lawyer, but don’t expect some sappy, sentimental story about making it in America. Cristela is a snarky and self-deprecating comedienne who knows how to make an audience laugh. Here are the top reasons you should consider watching:

1. Stand Up Comics

“Cristela” stars Cristela Alonzo as the titular character as well as co-creator and executive producer. Alonzo has been a stand-up comic for almost a decade, and she knows how to make an audience laugh. Gabriel Iglesias is another stand up comedian in the cast. He’ll be playing Alberto, a man who is in love with Cristela.

2. She’s Living The Student Life

Cristela has been trying to finish law school for six years while taking care of her mother and paying for school on her own with side jobs. She’s just starting her internship now and her mother can’t understand why she is burying herself in debt while working at a job for free. It’s the same situation that millions of adults are facing and it addresses the situation with good humor.

3. Self-Deprecating Humor

A lot of Cristela’s jokes are at her own expense. She jokes about everything from her weight to being single. It’s funny in the pilot  -- though it could become sad and annoying if it’s in every episode.

4. They’re Not A Loving Family

Cristela’s brother-in-law Felix wants her to move out ASAP, and her sister Daniela wants her to get a job that pays. This is a family comedy, but it isn’t too touchy-feely. It’s a refreshing, realistic dynamic which might be due to the fact that Alonzo loosely based the show on her life.

5. Optimism

Cristela doesn’t hate the world. She actually believes that she can achieve her dreams and that she might be able to make the world a better place -- but she can still be snarky while sharing her optimism. It’s a nice balance that a lot of other characters on television can’t find easily.

6. Friday Night Time Slot

If you want it to stay on the air, watch it. The Friday night timeslot is hard for a lot of new shows, so it will be a challenge for "Cristela" to find an audience.

Check out the trailer for “Cristela” below:

“Cristela” Season 1 premieres on ABC on Friday, Oct. 10 at 8:30 p.m. Will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments section below!