Modeling's blonde bombshell Kate Upton, whose recent spread for GQ has awakened America's patriotic spirits, was recently criticized by a blogger for her curvy figure. But now, the anonymous author known as Skinny Gurl appears to have changed her mind.

The blogger said she has received numerous death and rape threats, and has been targeted by the notorious Anonymous hackers after mocking the model for her weight. Skinny Gurl referred to Upton as a cow, and according to the New York Daily News, said the slur was intentionally outrageous.

The author, who has remained anonymous, has promised to remove the offending post and overhaul the Starving Tips of the Day portion of her website. The Skinny Gossip blog writer has also agreed to include resources for people falling victim to depression, eating disorders and compulsive self-injury.

Skinny Gurl wrote that Upton had huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs and terrible body definition, but said she was being intentionally outrageous when she wrote the post. She also ridiculed the model for eating a hamburger in an advertisement for fast food chain Carl's Jr.

I thought cannibalism was illegal?!? If that's not a very different species of cow, Kate could be in legal trouble! she wrote in the entry.

Perhaps Skinny Gurl never thought her thoughts would reach such a wide audience, as she indicated in her newest post titled Some Changes.

I never imagine it would grow to the point where the celebrities I was writing about were actually reading the articles, and that has made me think, she wrote.


After her comments surfaced on a Reddit thread, Anonymous hackers attacked the blog with a Denial of Service attack. This forced her to switch Web hosts and spend most of the week wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into, she wrote.

The controversy surrounding Skinny Gossip highlights the issue of weight and eating disorders in the modeling industry at large. According to the Daily News, a group of female protesters went to Teen Vogue's headquarters in Times Square with a petition asking the magazine to include women of different body types in their pages. Two weeks ago, Seventeen magazine also promised to stop touching up its images with Photoshop and to feature only healthy girls in the publication.

Although Skinny Gurl says she will revamp her website to be more sensitive to those with eating disorders, she still stands by her concept of an ideal body.

In closing, there's nothing wrong with saying skinny is beautiful, just like there's nothing wrong with saying curvy is beautiful, or red hair is beautiful, or anything else someone happens to find appealing, she wrote. It's an opinion, and we're all entitled to them.

Upton garnered massive Internet attention with her Cat Daddy video, which has millions of views on YouTube. View the clip below to see what spurred such a sensation across the web.