The crowd is not happy with Egyptian President Mubarak’s concession speech and is calling for more action, according to Al Jazeera’s broadcast.

After the speech, protesters shouted “Leave Mubarak,” this must go on,” and “we are not leaving.”

Al Jazeera said some protesters are calling for an even larger demonstration on Friday.  CNN said some of them are calling for a forceful revolution.

In the speech, President Mubarak promised to not run for re-election in September.  Meanwhile, he will stay in power and oversee the power transition to whoever the newly-elected leader will be.

The fact that Mubarak will stay in power for a few months more is clearly not enough to satisfy some protesters.  Indeed, all throughout the uprising, “Leave Mubarak” was one of the most forcefully expressed sentiments.

Mubarak, for his part, said he will die on the soil of Egypt.

A commentator for Al Jazeera noted that Tunisian President Ben Ali also promised to not run again but stay in power in the interim period.  Tunisian protesters rejected this offered and stepped up their revolt.  Eventually, Ben Ali was forced to flee the country.

So far, the events of Tunisia seems to be repeating in Egypt.