Investors hoping for a growth in oil prices were dismayed by news yesterday that the price for a barrel of Crude Oil may have risen too quickly from last week's market optimism. As yesterday helped traders realize, Crude Oil may indeed be over-valued and its recent strength has come to a temporary halt. After last week's steady yet volatile gains, the beginning of this week has started with a drop of almost $3 a barrel, closing out yesterday's trading just above $70.

Adding to the sell pressure on Crude Oil is the surprising surge in the value of the USD in yesterday's early trading hours, albeit offset somewhat by its retraction later in the day. But market optimism seems to have returned, but energy demand concerns persist. Crude Oil has been on the verge of reemerging as a lead investment and inflationary hedge, yet it has failed to receive the same level of support as Gold and Silver, which suggests that demand for oil is low, and precious metals are being used in its stead as a safety valve. Chances are, so long as market uncertainty remains, Crude Oil will continue to float near its current mark.