The price of Crude Oil soared by about $3.25, or over 4%, to just over $72 a barrel, reversing 3 consecutive days of losses. Crude was boosted as the Dollar was bearish in much of Tuesday's trading, which increased demand for commodities. The weakened USD was caused by global stock market rallies led by the U.S. This was also caused by optimistic economic data from Germany, the largest economy of the Euro-Zone. Furthermore, the weak USD led to higher demand for riskier assets.

Oil prices may continue rising for a number of reason's in today's trading. We have seen the commodity over-sold in recent trading days. Additionally, many optimistic signs from leading and fast-growing global economies have led many investors to realize that there may be a big jump in Crude Oil demand in the near future. Additionally, as long as market optimism stays high, so will the demand for Crude Oil.