Last week's trading session started with a massive bullish trend for crude oil, which lasted until Friday. A barrel of crude oil was traded for 72.50 at its peak. However, a sudden change happened then, dropping crude oil towards $68 a barrel.

It seems that oil prices dropped as a result of an appreciation of the Dollar since Friday, and some concerns that Crude Oil became over-valued following a week of straight rising trends. It also looks that a few unsatisfying results for financial indicators have increased fear that global economies may not recover as soon as expected, which will likely weaken demand for oil.

Looking ahead to this week, traders are advised to follow the Dollar's value, and the U.S equity markets, as they tend to set the tone in crude oil trading. In addition, traders should also pay attention to the Crude Oil Inventories report scheduled for Wednesday, as its result has proven to have a large impact on crude oil's value.