Crude oil prices continued to climb during last week's trading session. A barrel of crude oil was traded around $76 a barrel at the beginning of last week and as the week progressed, crude oil prices soared, and a barrel of crude oil is now trading around $79 a barrel.

Crude oil strengthened last week due to several positive economic reports from the U.S. and the Euro-Zone. The positive reports have created speculations that global energy demand will increase, and as a result, crude oil prices consistently rose. The bullish trend halted close to the weekend as concerns regarding tropical storm Bonnie have eased due to reports claiming that the storm has weakened.

As for this week, traders are advised to follow the main publications from the U.S. and the Euro-Zone, as they have significant affect on oil prices. Trades should also follow the U.S. Crude Oil Inventories report on Wednesday as this tends to have an instant impact on spot crude oil prices.