I ranted about our crude experts and their ability (or lack thereof) to forecast inventory activity yesterday, but the gods of black gold have rattled my cage again today. I'm starting to think that any question about what volatility is should be answered by pointing to price action on crude during the past couple of weeks. Up $3 one day, down $2.50 the next, advancing despite inventory increases, dropping in the wake of bullish news... it doesn't stop. After yesterday's surprise inventory increase and subsequent drop, the resilient commodity has added $1.67 to $95.10 per barrel this morning. Some analysts are guessing that we are seeing a rush of purchasing, as some investors believe that crude is now at a bargain price in the low 90s and high 80s. In addition, Deutsche Bank upped its oil-price forecasts in a note where it upgraded several oil producers. The brokerage now expects to see crude futures averaging $80 per barrel in 2008, noting a number of factors that are limiting production. Heck, $80 a barrel is one heckuva bargain.