One company that is starting to turn the heads of investors is CryoPort Inc. CryoPort has earned a stellar reputation in the marketplace by developing a state-of-the-art technology-driven packaging and transport system which is focused on providing a solution for the frozen shipping market in the ever-growing global life science industry. The products developed by CryoPort are critical for research and end user delivery of temperature-sensitive medicines and biomaterials in an increasingly complex logistical environment. Today, CryoPort took a major step towards enhancing their future when they named John McDowell as Senior Vice President for Logistics and Operations.

John (Jay) McDowell is a renowned name in the industry with over 30 years of experience. Most recently, McDowell was the president and founder of The Saddleback Strategy Group where he served as a senior advisor to small and medium size businesses. Earlier in his career McDowell spent 11 years with PepsiCo, which included working as a Group Manager of Field Operations for Pepsi-Cola International. In this capacity, McDowell established and managed operations in several Eastern European and Asian markets and proved to be a savvy business leader whom can instill a global presence in the marketplace.

When asked what the addition of John ‘Jay’ McDowell will mean to the future of CryoPort, Larry Stambaugh who serves as the company’s CEO was quoted as saying, “Jay will play a key role in our commercialization of CryoPort Express(TM), which includes the opening of refurbishing centers overseas and building our capacity to handle 10,000 shipments per month by the end of 2010. His experience and track record provide us with the management capability to grow efficiently and maintain effective relationships with customers and distribution partners worldwide.”

Currently, CryoPort is trading in the $1.65 range. With the addition of John “Jay” McDowell to an already impressive corporate team and cutting edge technology in their pipeline, CryoPort is a company to keep an eye on.