CTD Holdings, Inc. announced this morning that its newly created subsidiary, ViStra Growth Partners, Inc. (VGP), has agreed to present a preliminary project plan to the CTD board of directors by year end for the proposed “Joszef Szejtli Cyclodextrin Research Park.” According to the press release, the President and CEO of VGP has considerable experience with commercial property development for such purposes.

Rick Strattan, the Chairman and CEO of CTD, stated, “This project has been on the back burner at CTDH ever since we paid off the mortgage on the 40 acre corporate site in 2007. The convergence of CTDH’s work with Chris Hempel to get Trappsol® HPB into a compassionate use study for her twin girls with Niemann-Pick disease, a form of childhood Alzheimer’s, and working with the expertise of Lou Weltman and his knowledge of 501(c)3 organizations has really crystallized for me what the mission of the Research Park will be.”

Mr. Strattan added, “Chris Hempel has done more in the last 18 months to introduce the worldwide public and regulatory agencies to the amazing properties of Cyclodextrins, than the entire industry has been able to do in the last 20 years.”