Luxury Cufflinks: If you are looking to add an accessory that is stylish and contemporary, take a look at the handmade cufflinks from the Ian Flaherty Collection. These cufflinks are showing up on the cuffs of many notably stylish gentlemen. John Barrowman, the star of the BBC America's sci-fi TV show Torchwood, likes these cufflinks so much that he mentions Ian Flaherty on his official Web site.

The Ian Flaherty Collection consists of more than 25 pairs of designer cufflinks. There are cufflinks made of silver, enamel, and crystal. The crystal cufflinks contain Swarovsky crystals and are presented in five unique designs and multiple colors, including crystal, fuchsia, jet, sapphire and topaz.

All cufflinks by Ian Flaherty are handmade at Flaherty's London-based studio. Delivery takes up to six weeks, as each set pf cufflinks is made per order. The price per pair ranges from around $140 up to $233.

It is the sparkling twists around wrists that add a touch of class.

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