CUI Global Inc., a platform company dedicated to the acquisition, development, and commercialization of new, innovative technologies, today announced that Merriman Capital Inc. will head-up CUI’s investment banking strategy and assist the company in up-listing to a national exchange.

William Clough, president and CEO of CUI, said that CUI has achieved significant milestones that have positioned and prepared the company to transform those achievements into greater shareholder value. The company’s first step in advancing its position was engaging professional assistance from Merriman Capital.

“The retention of this nationally recognized investment banking firm, coupled with our recent engagement of the Liolios Group, completes the team necessary to allow the company and its shareholders to step up to a national exchange like the Nasdaq or NYSE-Amex,” Clough stated in the press release.

For CUI, the next steps include broadening its investor base and driving increased exposure to larger financial markets through listing on a national exchange. The company anticipates continued strength driven by new and existing product offerings.

“With release of our Solus™ Topology and the traction we are gaining with our Vergence (GasPT2) device, we anticipate continued revenue growth from our existing product offering as well as from the introduction and commercialization of new and proprietary technologies. With this continued growth, we believe it is time to move CUI Global onto a broader, national platform and further our mission of enhancing shareholder value,” Clough stated. “We continue to believe that a move to a national exchange will allow our shareholders to more easily benefit from our recent and future accomplishments.”

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