Luxury Wristwatches: Watch this! Have you noticed how many celebrities are being spotted wearing wristwatches with faces that are nearly as large as coffee-cup saucers? These timepieces are showing up everywhere from sports to movie to music celebrities. Adam Grenier and Perrey Reeves of HBO's Entourage, Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony of the NBA, film stars Tom Cruise, Steve Carel, Catherine Bell, and Mena Suvari, recording artists Rihana, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent are just a few of the notable A-listers wearing these bejeweled timely fashion statements by Curtis & Co.

There are enough stars wearing this big-time phenomenon that it could evolve into the next celebrity-laced A&E reality-TV series. The section of the company's Web site that features celebrity wearers has more than 140 highly recognizable faces happily displaying their wristwatch by Curtis & Co. The watchmaker's print, online, and television presence is ubiquitous and worthy of acknowledging.

The wristwatches come in several models with various face diameters ranging from 37 millimeters up to a whopping wide-load 57 millimeters. The limited edition Last Emperor with a 43-millimeter face is my favorite of the collection. The World of Ice is the most sparkling of the eight models. Times up!

See all eight variants of the Big Time collection of Curtis & Co. at www.curtisandcowatches.

For LxM James Rothaar