On Tuesday, a judge is set to determine whether teenage "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter should be kept away from her mother, who, in court filings, has been described as physically and emotionally abusive, according to Yahoo.


Earlier in October, Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas temporarily stripped Chrisoula Workman of custody over 14-year-old Winter. Levanas is considering whether Winter should continue living with her adult sister, Shanelle Gray.


Gray contends that Workman repeatedly slapped and accosted Winter in the past. In the 90s, Gray was taken away from Workman due to abuse allegations.


"Modern Family" staff are also concerned about Winter's home life, according to Gray's attorney.


Workman has said that Gray was a rebellious teen who left home, and that Winter is mired in a similar predicament.


"The allegations made by Ariel are false," said Chrisoula Workman's attorney. "We really feel she's just a rebellious teen and wants her independence. It's our hope that the court terminates the guardianship. Both parents want Ariel home. Shanelle is not suitable to be a guardian."


Winter's father is Glenn Workman. He also filed a petition against Gray's guardianship, but he would like Winter to come live with him.


"I want to provide for her a calm loving home environment that is a retreat from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood; a place where she can think and relax without any distractions," Glenn Workman wrote. "This whole situation has turned into a circus and places Ariel in a position she should not have to be in."


In court, Chrisoula Workman has denied every allegation of child abuse. She's filed over two dozen declarations from witnesses who corroborate her side of the tale. In a prior court appearance, Workman lashed out at Gray, Gray's attorney, and Winter, who she accuses of abusing her.


Workman and her attorney are concerned that Gray's seeking guardianship in order to seize Winter's assets.


"There's no truth whatsoever to Shanelle obtaining this guardianship for purposes of advancing her career or for some other personal gain," Gray's attorney said. "Shanelle is successful and has done very well in her own rights. This is a tragedy for her, too."