Custom suits for women is a foreign concept to many because most people assume they’re just for men.  It’s not all the consumer’s fault, however, because tailors often make less effort to target women.

For example, William Sani, a Hong Kong tailor who has served US customers since 1975, gives no indication on his website that he even offers women’s custom suits and shirts.   

Yet he said women are important clients for him and some have employed his services for years. 

When it comes to their professional wardrobe, women benefit from custom clothing for the same reasons men do.

First, there is fit.  Off the rack clothing, which are mass produced, simply can’t fit an individual the same way custom clothing can. 

Second, there is professional advice.  Sani emphasized that one’s wardrobe must match with one’s style, profession, looks, and physical build.  It’s just as important, if not more so, for women as it is for men to make the right selection. 

Sani said his customers are typically financial professionals, lawyers, doctors, or business executives. 

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