Custom tailored suits for men are more affordable than you think.  They also have important advantages over off the rack clothes.  

For many men spoiled by custom tailoring, off the rack clothes don’t quite cut it, even the expensive brands.  It just doesn’t feel the same.

Then there is the issue of choosing the style. 

For single purchases, most people have some sense, but few make the optimal choice.  When it comes to their overall business wardrobe, the decisions are even more complicated.  Friends and salesmen have their opinions, but they’re hardly professional tailors.  Like in any other field – be it medicine or plumbing – having a true professional makes a difference.

Despite these obvious advantages of custom tailored suits, many men are still hesitant because they think the benefits aren’t worth the extra costs.

This is where they’re wrong.  

There are plenty of affordable tailors who often sell suits and shirts that cost less than off the rack comparables.

William Sani, a Hong Kong tailor who has served US customers since 1975, offers a variety of packages that can compete with off the rack clothes on value.  He said he can offer “the best deal in town” because of his high volume.  

On the low-range of his offering, he sells 3 custom suits or 2 suits, 1 jacket and 1 pair of slacks (130 fabrics count) + 8 shirts (140 fabrics count) for $1,099.

On the high-range, he offers 3 custom suits or 2 suits, 1 jacket and 1 pair of slacks (300 fabrics count) + 12 shirts (300 fabrics count) for $4,199.

Anyone who has shopped for men’s suits and shirts know that these are competitive prices.

Sani, however, doesn’t just compete on prices.  What he emphasizes more is the quality of the clothes and the service and advice he provides to each customer.

“I guide them on their wardrobe based on the business they are in, their looks, their style, and their build. I wouldn’t suggest checkered suits for a short man, neither would I offer pinstripes for the fat man,” said Sani.

Sani said his customers are typically financial professionals, lawyers, doctors, or business executives who don’t have time to shop.  These people come to him for half an hour and get their entire wardrobe. 

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