Ever since Google+ has started playing its game correctly, with its smart features, there were speculations that Facebook will also have the same fate as Orkut, as most people will now end up gravitating toward Google+.

The latest official news from Facebook will make its 750 million users happier, as it has finally come up with an easier way to share photos, posts and updates with a smaller, “desired” group.

Managing friends and sharing limited information with a specific group was a problem on Facebook, and this comfort drew around 25 million users to Google+, in a very short span of time.

The circles featured on Google+ allowed users to place friends into groups.

In 2007, Facebook introduced a feature through which users could separate their friends into different groups. However, the feature wasn’t used by majority of its users, stating the fact that it was tedious and time-consuming.

Realizing the immediate need of its users, the new feature will automatically group the friends based on your terms with them. One can segregate their friends into different groups of three categories: coworkers, classmates and all people who live within 50 miles of you. One can now restrict sharing any post or picture with any group.

It is a big relief if you don’t want your girlfriend to spot the pictures of your boys-trip, or your dad to see your drunken pictures.

The feature is optional and you can customize the lists.

The best part is that now you will view the posts and photos from the people you care most about. Facebook will now enable one to distinguish between close friends and acquaintances.

The new feature, however, cannot equal the kind of customization limit on Google+, but is definitely a positive signal that Facebook is listening to the needs of its 750 million users.

This feature is presently limited to select users, but is expected to roll out to more users soon.