There are certain parts of manufacturing that are often overlooked; the individual steps of making a component go without thought. This idea does not need to be a real thought for a consumer, but one that can lead to profit if one simply knows that it is happening.

CVD Equipment Corp., a manufacturer of gas dispersion equipment, works to manufacture, sell and market equipment designed to accurately distribute gases for electrical components. The company’s prime market customer is the semiconductor sector, although it does offer its equipment for glass, solar cells and other products that require fine controlled coatings for efficient operation.

In a general sense, CVD Equipment offers equipment for an application that is not particularly well understood by the general public. As the company’s main customer base is semiconductors, this application may be best described as making electrical connections on the semiconductor chip more efficient and dependable. As semiconductors become smaller and smaller, these connections need to be more and more efficient to accomplish the same task. Generally, this makes the connection of elements more important. In this way one might understand that any electrical device, from solar cells to flat screen TV’s, needs to make use of the equipment provided.

Although customers of the company have been adversely affected by current economic conditions, margins for the company remain high. Generally, if there is a slightly longer time horizon for investment, this may bode well as an opportunity. This is not an overly long investment opportunity but an opportunity to invest in a solid company that has been undervalued in a difficult economic time. There are not many solid opportunities left as the later stages of this particular recession ebb but CVD Equipment Corp. may well be one.