Cybermesh International Corp. is a technology-based company incorporated in 2004. The Company was formerly known as Smokers Lozenge Inc. and they changed their name to Cybermesh International Corp. in April of 2008. The Company is now focusing on developing technologies in video streaming, telecommunications, media distribution and the analysis sector. Cybermesh International Corp.’s shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board.

In March, Cybermesh International Corp. announced that they came to an agreement in principle with Ties That Bind on a joint venture. Ties That Bind incorporates proprietary technologies that for the first time create a business model that will monetize illegal file sharing. Illegal file sharing significantly affected the entertainment business.

The joint venture will initially focus on the music sector, followed by strategic moves into movies, TV and print. Cybermesh and Ties That Bind’s joint offer is a new innovative approach that will help artists and content owners monetize the P2P consumers. It will help them create a deeper relationship with their most passionate fans.

This week, Cybermesh International Corp. announced that the Company has identified their second joint venture partner and has signed a term sheet to move forward. The company, ContentX Technologies LLC, is an Internet intelligence, security and copyright monetization company.

Recently, ContentX launched a “friendly” new solution that tracks individuals who download entertainment content illegally, and then converts them to paying customers. Their platform is the only large-scale, automated system that identifies infringers by the thousands, sends notices of their illegal use, and then offers a proven system to collect payments on behalf of the content owners, at no cost to studios or copyright holders.

Cybermesh International Corp. believes that ContentX complements the Company’s mission. Access to ContentX’s technologies is anticipated to eliminate the capital outlay that would otherwise be required to develop their own systems. ContentX has already signed several name clients.