Cynthia Bailey shares her sentiments on NeNe Leakes’ recent “Real Housewives of Atlanta” departure. It was announced last week that Leakes will be leaving “RHOA” after seven incredible seasons.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Bailey reacted on her co-star’s exit saying, “Well the show has never been about one person. It's just not what makes it work. Sometimes you gotta change it up and mix it up. I look forward to a really great drama-filled season."

Although most RHOA fans were blown away by the abrupt announcement, Bailey revealed that she wasn’t really shocked at all. "You know, I wasn't super surprised because I used to be very close with NeNe so I knew that at some point, she wanted to do other things and rightfully so because I think she has had a great run on the show. In my opinion, she will always be the original Atlanta Housewife and I wish her well."

"We text back and forth…When I heard the news about her leaving the show, I shot her a text and said good luck to you. May you continue to shine. Do your thing so we are cool," the 47-year-old actress continued.

While ABC News reported rumors that Kim Fields will be joining the drama-filled show, Bailey commented on her future co-stars. "I am just excited for someone to come in who is a spit fire, someone who is not just gonna come in and check things out. I don't know who yet but whoever you are, please audition for the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (RHOA). We need you," she added.

Aside from RHOA, Bailey puts her efforts on her new Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Other reports also say that she’ll be venturing on hair styling as well. "It's the beginning of my accessories line that I want to do," she teased. "I feel like personal style is so important, more so than what things cost and labels and those things. It's really how you put it together and that's what I'm interested in and teaching everybody."

People was first to report Leakes’ exit on Bravo’s highest-rated show. "This was definitely a hard decision for me,” the 48-year-old model revealed. “Me and my husband [Gregg Leakes] have been going back and forth on it for weeks now. But my contract is up and I just think this is the right time. This is my opportunity to spread my wings and do different things."

Fans can expect more of Leakes in her upcoming projects. "I'm actually going to be doing a new primetime television show with a big legend," Leakes teased of the as she begins filming her new series. "All of my fans will get to see me be really happy, witty and funny and tell all of those one liners that I always have said on ‘Housewives’."

Along with Leakes, Claudia Jordan will also be leaving “RHOA” and take on with separate future projects.