Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose center-right governing coalition lost a no-confidence vote, said a new cabinet will replace it during the country's presidency of the European Union, which expires on June 30.

However, talks on the alternative coalition has not taken a concrete shape, he said.

Topolanek told reporters Wednesday that his cabinet would hand over power to a temporary government later this month, to enable it to lead the country until snap elections expected in October.

Talks on the formation of a new government made up of non-partisan experts are expected to resume Friday, when Topolanek returns from G20 summit in London.

Topolanek offered to resign after his minority coalition government lost a no-confidence resolution last week.

He will continue as caretaker Prime Minister until President Vaclav Klaus appoints a new administration or until an election.

According to the constitution, the President can disperse the parliament and call an election if three attempts to form alternative cabinet fail.

The term of the current parliament expires only in the middle of next year.

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