Price:   83.99

Bias:     While 84.38-76 caps I look for losses down to the 82.29-39 area before recovering

Daily Bullish:

Losses were much stronger than expected and I do feel there will be further lows seen before there can be any chance of a correction higher. There is resistance around the 84.38-76 area and until this breaks we should hold off from any direct bullish stance. Only if breach is seen would I look for gains to extend through 85.00-10 and to the 85.52 area at least. Take care in case this holds in a sideways consolidation. I doubt it and feel a move back to the 86.20 high is more probable. If we get a decline to the 82.29-39 area watch for a bullish trade set up there.

MT Bullish:

13th January:      I've reviewed this but still come up with a greater risk of the rally extending. This will require the 82.29-39 area to support and take price back up to the 86.20 high at least and should be much higher.

Daily Bearish: 

Breach of the 84.44-58 area has prompted additional losses which have reached 83.35 thus far and I feel there is still further to go. The 84.38-76 area provides resistance and while this caps I will look for losses to extend further later back to the 83.35 low and while this area should cause a correction I feel the decline should eventually extend to the 82.29-39 area. However, around here I'd expect a base for stronger gains again.

MT Bearish:

 13th January:    Losses have been seen and these could extend to the 82.29-39 area but ideally this area will support for a reversal higher again. Only below 86.20-30 would extend losses to 81.73 and possibly 81.05.

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