Price: 75.83

Bias: While there is still risk of seeing 75.95-10 I feel the day should finish lower€¦

Daily Bullish:

The first support at 74.10 basically held and has caused a reversal higher but I feel this may not have much more room on the upside. Thus any bullish stance will require a break above 76.10 and only if seen would I look for gains to continue aggressively towards 77.14-23 at least. Take care around here as this is another potential capping area. Next resistance is at 78.30.

MT Bullish:

24th June: Only a push back above 76.10 would generate stronger follow-through to 77.14-23, 78.30 and the 78.30-50 area.

Daily Bearish:

While the recovery wasn't expected I feel we have probably seen the majority of the recovery. Thus from the 75.95-10 area I feel we should be looking for losses to push back below 75.28 to then trigger follow-through close to the 74.03 low. This should hold on first test. Next support is not until 73.04-29...

MT Bearish:

17th June: The decline has been strong but has stalled this morning just above 76.06. While 78.37-62 caps I feel we shall see this decline continue but wait for breach of 75.16 that should imply losses close to the natural target at 70.50.

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