Bias:     Slightly mixed - waiting for breaks but the underlying risk does still seem lower

Daily Bullish:

As opposed to the other JPY crosses this hasn't made a new low. Having said that it doesn't look that healthy right now. Only a move back above the 80.37 pivot area would lead the way back to yesterday's 80.78 high. If this breaks (before there is any new low) then the implication is a move up through 80.98-25 and into the 81.51-76 resistance area which I feel would cap.

MT Bullish:

24th February:          The chance that we've seen a major high was strengthened yesterday. Only if we see AUDUSD rally strongly could keep price afloat here. Above 81.55-60 is going to be needed to push this back towards 82.11 and possibly the 82.52-79 highs.

Daily Bearish: 

The 79.74 level was tested and broken by just 3 pips. If yesterday's low breaks at 79.71 then expect stronger follow-through below 79.30-45 and then to test the 78.90-10 pivot support. Take care here as this could force a pullback. Breach extends losses to 78.70 and maybe even as low as 78.10-42 if this turns aggressive.

MT Bearish:

 25th February:       If yesterday's 79.71 low breaks then it implies a stronger push lower to 78.90-10 and even 78.10-42 is possible.

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