Price:   83.16

Bias:  Momentum remains bearish so look for losses to reach the 82.69-81 area minimum and possibly 81.96-13

Daily Bullish:

Both hourly & 4-hour momentum looks pretty soggy and this should bring additional losses. The first area that may hold is the 82.69-81 zone but unless a bullish divergence develops I can't see this bringing any strong reversal. So break below 82.69 would extend losses to the 81.96-13 area. Here I feel there is a stronger risk of a correction higher so look for a bullish reversal pattern. Only an earlier break back above 83.35-45 would help a correction but until there is a break above 83.70 and 84.20 I can see any recovery being anything but a correction. However, note next resistance at 84.58-79.

MT Bullish:

27th October:  We now need a break above 84.80-85 to retest 85.31 at least and possibly 85.72 and above there to the higher target at 86.52 target.

Daily Bearish: 

This does look particularly bearish and probably needs both USDJPY and AUDUSD to see losses today. Early support is at 82.69-81 and this is likely to cause a temporary pullback, but I think it will be just that - temporary. While price remains below 83.35-45 (and may not quite reach there) I feel the larger risk is for losses to break below 82.69 to reach the 81.96-82.13 area. Take care as I feel this has a stronger chance of causing a slightly longer correction. Next support is seen at 81.29 & 80.99.

MT Bearish:

28th October:   Losses have already broken below 83.29 and this opens risk of 82.69-81 minimum and more likely 81.96-13 which can cause corrections. Overall, while momentum remains bearish keep in mind the maximum downside expected at 80.99-29.

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