Price:   77.48

Bias:     Mixed - waiting for breaks

Daily Bullish:

[There seems to be a mildly positive potential today with the 78.49-68 area likely to cap… otherwise yesterday’s comments continue to apply] Friday's gains stalled at 78.12 and this can be considered the lowest area to confirm a reversal higher. I'd still be a bit cautious until the 78.68 area is also broken. Until then there remains risk of sideways consolidation at least and I still can't rule out a break below 76.23....

MT Bullish:

8th February:       With the lower target met I feel we should be watching for bullish opportunities. A break above 78.45-68 will held and then above 79.30-60 would provide a stronger signal.

Daily Bearish: 

If the current rally follows-through above the 77.82 high we should find a temporary peak around 78.02-12 and then later follow-through to 78.49 (max 78.68) and in this area I feel we should be looking for a bearish trade set up for a correction lower. Only an earlier break below the 77.30-35 area would undermine this bullish potential and cause follow-through back below 77.02 and yesterday's low at 76.79 at least. I suspect then we could see a retest closer to the 76.23 low (no lower than 76.04.

MT Bearish:

 9th February:    The break below 79.26 extend losses directly and aggressively. However, I feel the move has probably ended. Therefore only below 76.04-23 will be bearish for 74.90-12 and 74.48.

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