Price:   83.42

Bias:  This still looks firm and while 83.10 supports a move above 83.48 will extend gains to 84.02 at least

Daily Bullish:

This morning has seen Friday's gains extend to 83.48 and it seems like we're going to retest the 84.02 high. We'll have to be careful here as a correction is possible at this high. Therefore, only breach at 84.02 would maintain the bullish momentum for 84.33 and 84.61 at least. Take a little care here. Breach suggests a test of 84.61 at least. Also note the 85.31-44 resistance.

MT Bullish:

9th November:   Gains have been stronger than expected but only above the 84.02 swing high would suggest stronger upside potential for 85.31-44 initially.

Daily Bearish: 

While momentum is still positive do keep an eye on this as there is potential for a bearish divergence to develop. If we are to see losses then ideally the 84.02 corrective high should hold. There is support at 83.10 and breach would unsettle price a bit and risk follow-through lower with minor supports at 82.85 and 82.54 ahead of the stronger 82.04 low. I suspect it won't move directly below but cause a small correction. Below 82.04 would test the 81.54 corrective low at least.

MT Bearish:

6th November:   With the gains seen I feel we should be focusing on potential caps at 83.40 and 84.02 - max 84.33-61. Only an earlier reversal below 81.41 would appear to cause a larger reversal lower directly.

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