Price:   0.8778

Bias:     I feel the upside is limited by 0.8225 and should see losses from there

Daily Bullish:

Gains have been seen and this encourages with the tentative thought that we may have seen a major low. However, we seem to be quite close to the completion of this first rally. The 0.8751-70 area should continue to support and generate follow-through above the 0.8796 high and to the 0.8825 target. Take care from that point as I feel we shall be due a reversal lower. Only above 0.8825 would extend gains to 0.8853, 0.8894 and to the 0.8913-23 area.

MT Bullish:

10th February:       First rally has been seen but we should now see a pullback from the 0.8825 resistance. Then we need see how the downside performs. Thus, at this point, only a break above 0.8825-30 would extend the upside more directly to the 0.8913-23 corrective highs.

Daily Bearish: 

Price has rallied to 0.8796 thus far and we still appear to have one more leg higher to go but I look for the 0.8825 resistance to cap and cause a reversal lower. Thus, watch for a bearish trade set up at this point. I look for this decline to approach the 0.8700 area again.

MT Bearish:

 10th February:    Only back below 0.8700 and 0.8629-61 would begin to threaten a break back below the 0.8578 low.

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