Price:   0.8304

Bias:    This seems to buck the trend and suggest a recovery to 0.8450-75 before lower…

Daily Outlook:

Price refused to obey me… so… the only conclusion that seems logical to me is that while we are still seeing a corrective structure we require a little more recovery before the next downward leg. The current rally should move back to the 0.8356 high where a risk of a pullback is present. Once complete then a move to the 0.8403 area appears to be implied. I am slightly concerned considering my overall view, but this does seem to suggest extension to 0.8450-75... However, take care.

The upside would appear to require a de-linking from the general U.S. Dollar bullishness… To break this we shall need a break below this morning's 0.8274 low. If seen then look for follow-through to the 0.8230 corrective low at least. Breach would maintain losses for 0.8195-05, 0.8132-73 and then to retest the 0.8081 low.

Medium Term Outlook:

10th June:      The depth of the pullback appears to break the immediate downward sequence and possibly suggests that we may be seeing a large triangle. It is early days but this would imply a peak around 0.8450-75.

Only back below 0.8230-74 would re-open the downside for 0.8081 and possibly lower - noting the 0.8014 support...

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