Price:   0.9339

Bias:     While 0.9330-37 supports I see room for gains to 0.9404 before correcting lower

Daily Bullish:

Gains developed although not quite as expected and I still feel that while the 0.9330-37 support holds we should see one more push higher. A mvoe back above the 0.9350-55 pivot area should attack the 0.9383 high and then the 0.9404 high from last November. I feel this will hold for a correction. However, note next resistance at 0.9477.

MT Bullish:

12th April:            Gains are being seen and should reach 0.9404 and after a correction to 0.9477 at least. I will review as we approach but note further resistance at 0.9504, 0.9553 and 0.9619.

Daily Bearish: 

As long as 0.9330-37 supports to trigger another push higher then I feel we should be watching the 0.9400-05 area for signs of a top forming. It should only be for a correction lower but should be down to the 0.9295-0.9305 area.

MT Bearish:

 12th March:       If we see a move to 0.9404, back to 0.9300-05 and then 0.9477 then I feel we could see a larger correction from that high.

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