Price:   0.9142

Bias:  Mixed - waiting for breaks as there is potential for a sideways consolidation

Daily Bullish:

Yesterday's losses ended quickly and forced a pullback higher that looked strong enough to push to new highs. However, it has backed off from the 0.9174 area and before we can be certain of follow-through higher the 0.9174-89 peaks must be taken out. While a bullish stance is still valid the 0.9118-28 area must support. Thus, only if seen look for follow-through higher that would then extend above 0.9208 and probably to the 0.9242 area. Expect a correction here. After the correction is complete the 0.9295-0.9321 area is the target.

MT Bullish:

14th December:    The 0.9187-89 area proved too much and only a reversal back above here would provide a stronger push higher.

Daily Bearish: 

No break above 0.9189 on the sharp pullback from yesterday's 0.9053 low. The key support area today is at 0.9118-28. If this breaks then we're likely to see losses that should extend down to 0.9053-83 but until yesterday's low is broken there is risk of a pullback higher within a sideways consolidation. Thus, any stronger bearish view will require loss of 0.9053 and only if seen would it resurrect a retest of the 0.9014-25 lows and probably follow-through to 0.8984 and the 0.8946-54 area. I feel this stands a good chance of holding if seen. However, note the next support at 0.8904.

MT Bearish:

 14th December: This does look a lot more bearish now and I feel the 0.8946-54 area will provide temporary support only and the same at 0.8904-19. The larger targets are at 0.8816 and 0.8752.

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