Price:   0.9347

Bias:  While 0.9284-0.9307 supports I look for gains back above 0.9404 and towards 0.9497

Daily Bullish:

Gains were seen as expected into the 0.9393-12 area where a high was seen. I feel the first move today will be lower to the 0.9284-0.9307 support area (probably towards the top). However, I feel this will support to provoke another rally that will push back above 0.9326-36, 0.9377 and yesterday's 0.9404 high to extend eventually to the 0.9497-0.9519 target area. Take care here as I feel this holds risk of being a major high. Only above 0.9520 would extend the rally closer to the maximum target at 0.9564.

MT Bullish:

13th November:   I still feel there is more to go on the upside and while 0.9166-96 supports we could see this directly. There are still targets around 0.9514 at least and potentially 0.9564.

Daily Bearish: 

A reversal was seen from between 0.9393 and 0.9412 and for the first part of the day I feel we should see this extend a little further below 0.9326-36 and to 0.9307 at least. It could edge a little lower - but not below 0.9284. From here I expect a rally to the 0.9497 area where I feel we should be looking for bearish set up patterns. Only an earlier break below 0.9284 would concern and provoke a deeper correction below 0.9256-60 and to retest the 0.9210 low (max 0.9197) before higher again.

MT Bearish:

13th November:   We have seen losses but I feel that we should take care around the 0.9166-96 support area. Thus, only below here would open up more aggressive losses for 0.9119 and 0.9053-69 en route the 0.8904-15 lows.

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