Price: 0.6996

Bias: I see potential for a test of 0.6894-0.6927 which should hold to avoid stronger losses

Daily Bullish:
Losses did develop that pushed all the way to the 0.7032-49 area€¦ but then pushed straight through to reach 0.6952. I am not sure the downside is complete yet and feel there is still risk of the 0.6894-0.6927 area being tested. Watch this area for a bullish reversal pattern. Only an earlier break above 0.7019 followed by 0.7048 would suggest the low is already in place and if seen this is likely to provoke follow-through higher to 0.7139 at least. Take care here as this could cap for a correction. Next resistance is seen at 0.7183 & 0.7237.

MT Bullish:
21st April: There is a daily bearish divergence but this does need a break below 0.6769 to confirm. Until then, while the 0.6894-0.6927 area supports I feel there is probably room for one more push higher above 0.7325.

Daily Bearish:
I under-estimated the strength of the bearishness yesterday and while the direction was correct losses actually pushed below 0.7032 to reach 0.6952. While 0.7019 caps there is still a risk of seeing one more push lower to below 0.6952 and to the 0.6894-0.6927 area. I suspect this will support. Thus, for any stronger bearish stance wait for loss of 0.6890 and only then is the downside opened more for 0.6786-0.6805.

MT Bearish:
17th April: I remain mixed with the conflicting signals from Dollar-Europe and here but if I have any stronger view it is for a weaker U.S. Dollar. Thus to get bearish here I'll want a break below 0.7136 which should generate losses to 0.7032-50 followed by 0.6897-27.

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