Price:   0.8989

Bias:     I look for losses through 0.8967-72 to trigger follow-through to 0.8881 initially

Daily Bullish:

The 0.8996-98 failed to cap but the 0.9024-34 area did and cautiously I think we have seen the high. Thus, only back above 0.9035 would cause a stronger reaction higher above 0.9066 to the 0.9080-93 resistance. Take care here. If seen it should hold for a correction. Note next support at 0.9143.

MT Bullish:

18th February:         It is possible that we have seen the high and we'll need a break back above 0.9035-46 to resurrect the 0.9094 target. If this is seen then it will imply a pullback but also then a new high once complete.

Daily Bearish: 

With the higher resistance at 0.9022-34 holding I feel we should soon see losses develop. A break below the 0.8967-72 area should confirm follow-through below 89.52 and down to 89.12 to retest the 0.8881 low. This general area should hold once again. However, note further support at 0.8845 and 0.8786-06.

MT Bearish:

 22nd February:       I still feel the uptrend has ended and cautiously I feel we can see additional losses.

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