Price:   0.9264

Bias:  The wave structure is a little clouded but I favor a move to the 0.9377 target before reversing

Daily Bullish:

In the end we did see a retest of the 0.9180 low but from there the rally has developed well and I feel that we should still see extension to the 0.9326-31 area first. I suspect the 0.9253 corrective low should support - at most 0.9226 - to provide the basis for the expected test of 0.9326-31. We should expect a pullback from that resistance but while it remains above the 0.9276 area (approx) I see the final rally meeting the 0.9377 target where I feel there is strong risk of reversal. However, do also note the other potential target at 0.9425. Watch for bearish divergences to form.

MT Bullish:

16th October:  The rally has reached the 0.9269 resistance and if this breaks then note the 0.9305-30 resistance area and finally the maximum target area around 0.9381-0.9425 area.

Daily Bearish: 

I feel it will be best to wait for the test of the 0.9377 target (and possibly 0.9425) to establish any bearish positions. Only an earlier break below the 0.9226-53 area would concern and suggest a sooner reversal lower back to the 0.9180-84 lows and once these break we can expect continued losses through to 0.9112 and probably lower.

MT Bearish:

21st October:   With the new high we should be considering the general 0.9377-0.9425 resistance for a potential reversal pattern. On the downside a break below 0.9166-80 would weaken the bullish structure considerably and suggest direct losses through 0.9112 and to 0.8983-0.9031.

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