Price:   0.8262

Bias:    While 0.8294-0.8325 caps I look for losses below 0.8131-41 and 0.8065 to reach 0.7981-20 before higher again

Daily Outlook:

The 0.8361-96 resistance was tested again and held. This should now provoke a stronger push lower. The 0.8294-0.8325 area should now cap for losses below the 0.8200 low and on towards the 0.8131-41 area followed by the 0.8065-70 lows and the eventual target between 0.7981-0.8020. Look for a bullish trade set up in this lower support area as I feel a larger correction higher is due.

Only an earlier break above 0.8325 and 0.8344 would retest the 0.8388-96 resistance again. If this breaks then we'll see the larger correction higher develop more directly. This should move through the higher resistance areas with eventual targets in the 0.8550-90 area.

Medium Term Outlook:

27th May:      I've stuck with the downside but I still see the 0.7981-0.8020 area (max 0.7951) as a strong candidate for a reversal higher above 0.8500… but in a correction only.

Only directly back above 0.8400 would reverse the bearish structure.

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