Price:   0.9092

Bias:     I am bearish and look for losses with the only risk being a break above 0.9115 to reach 0.9169 before lower

Daily Bullish:

This is a bit complicated as there is a string of key resistance levels at 0.9135, 0.9169 and 0.9195 which are all capable of generating a reversal lower. Therefore we may have even seen the high at 0.9132 yesterday. Thus treat the upside with caution. Only a break above 0.9112-15 would threaten a retest of 0.9132-35 and possibly 0.9169. Then keep in mind the 0.9195 resistance. If I have any preference then I feel the 0.9106-12 area will cap...

MT Bullish:

8th March:           If we're in a complex correction then the 0.9135-69 area will probably cap else the 0.9195 resistance is also a barrier. Therefore only a break above 0.9200 would produce stronger and swifter follow-through to 0.9280 at least and possibly the 0.9327 corrective high.

Daily Bearish: 

The short term structure is a bit mixed but overall I remain with a bearish preference. Ideally I'd like to see the 0.9106-12 area cap and from there losses below this morning's 0.9073 low can then accelerate below the 0.9056 corrective low and probably through 0.9010-30 also to reach the 0.8980 lows. This could stall the decline for a correction. Breach would maintain the bearish momentum for 0.8945-55 and below.

MT Bearish:

 8th March:       I still tend to feel we are in a correction - even if it has climbed above 0.9067. While 0.9135-69 caps we should then see a return to the 0.8801 low… A push to 0.9195 would imply a more shallow correction.

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