Price:   0.9027

Bias:  We'll have to take care here - a cap either expected at yesterday's 0.8089 high or at 0.9121

Daily Bullish:

Indeed, the break above 0.9038-53 provoked extension to the 0.9083-0.9121 area which has capped. Momentum is now showing clear bearish divergences so we need to take care as a reversal is due. However, I can still see an argument for a final push to 0.9121 so we'll need to look for breaks. We could even see a decline to the 0.8940-51 area and still see this move to 0.9121. Thus, if we see this move to 0.8940-51 and a bullish reversal pattern develops then follow this with the potential move to 0.9121. Only a break of this high would imply 0.9158 and then a reversal.

MT Bullish:

9th October: I went through the daily chart this morning and I still see the current levels as a barrier and thus only above the 0.9121-58 resistance is going to keep this motoring higher to 0.9206 and 0.9279.

Daily Bearish: 

Yesterday's high came in 6 pips above the 0.9083 resistance. It may even be the final high for a larger correction but I'd want this confirmed. Should we either get a direct retest of 0.9089 or a bounce from the 0.8940-51 support there is still risk of a test at the higher 0.9121 resistance. Thus, only an earlier break below 0.8940 would open up the risk of a more sustainable correction lower. Below 0.8940 would extend losses to 0.8919 and 0.8899 followed by the 0.8850 pivot support.

MT Bearish:

8th October:     I still view the bearish divergences in daily & weekly charts and targets between 0.9038 and 0.9121. Look for a bearish reversal pattern. While a long way away, a break below 0.8625-75 will trigger a much stronger reversal.

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