Price:   136.55

Bias:  While price remains above 135.91-136.20 I feel there is still room for gains to 137.97-138.16

Daily Bullish:

The triangle finally broke higher to reach the minimum target at 136.83 but I feel there is one more leg higher left in this… The immediate problem is whether the 136.20 formed the corrective low or whether we can see 135.91-07 first. The break level is around 136.25-30 so if this breaks then the 135.91-20 area should be considered for a reversal higher. If the 136.25-30 are supports then we are more likely to see a sideways trading range develop - probably a triangle like structure. From here a break above 136.84-96 would extend the rally towards 137.27-53 at least and my favored target is at 137.97-138.16 where I see a cap and reversal lower. If I'm wrong then the next resistance is at the 139.21 high.

MT Bullish:

22nd October:  With the 136.83-137.10 minimum target reached we have to take care but I feel the hourly momentum implies we'll see the higher target area at 137.97-138.16. I feel that should just about exhaust the rally...

Daily Bearish: 

There is a strong bearish divergence in the 4-hour chart while the hourly is a bit mixed. I therefore focus on the 137.97-16 area as the likely stalling point. As long as the 4-hour divergence remains intact and is joined by the hourly this should provide a good selling area. Before that the critical support is at 135.91-136.20. Only a direct breach would imply extension of losses down to 135.39-56 at least, more likely to the 135.18 corrective low and maybe even the 134.75-85 swing lows.

MT Bearish:

20th October:   We can raise the reversal level to 134.50-75 now… and potentially look out for an eventual selling opportunity around 136.83-137.10 or at 137.56-96.

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