Price: 120.11

Bias: Above 120.45 would extend gains to 121.25-54 at least while below 119.00 sees losses

Daily Bullish:
Overall price movement was not quite in line with expectations although it did end higher and this morning has set a minor new high also. It is strengthening the bullish argument and a break above the 120.45 high seen this morning would extend gains up to 121.25-54 at least. Take care here as this could cap in the short term at least. Thus only breach would extend gains above the 122.15 corrective high and onto 123.17. I feel this stands a chance of capping on the day. Thus only above maintains the bullish momentum for 123.77.

MT Bullish:
20th February: There is an uptrend in place and until 118.40 breaks this is likely to remain. Above 120.32 suggests a stalling area at 121.54 and maybe even 122.61-123.17 in an aggressive move.

Daily Bearish:
I note momentum is overbought and thus we should exercise care. However, to see losses begin to take hold once again we're going to need a break back below 119.95 and then more importantly 119.00-30. If this is seen then it should open the way for continued losses to 117.88 and possibly lower.

MT Bearish:
20th February: I remain long term bearish but until stronger losses are seen I can't rule out more upside. Thus only below 118.40 opens up losses to 117.20, 116.17 & 115.63. This lower area should support initially.

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